ZombieHarmony: A Dating Site For Zombies?

If you’re undead you might be a little bummed that the zombie apocalypse didn’t really pan out this year. But that doesn’t mean you have to be alone! ZombieHarmony helps infected singles meet each other… and maybe even find love:

ZombieHarmony is for zombies only. We advise signing up for ZombieHarmony only if you lack a pulse, have limited motor skills, or feel an intense desire to feast on human beings. We are not responsible for lost or ingested loved ones. If you go on a date with a zombie, we cannot be held liable for contributing to the apocalypse.

ZombieHarmony was created by Mingle2, which is actually a free online dating site for human beings. It’s kinda’ funny, but doesn’t really do anything except redirect to their official website. So if you seriously wanted to find an undead corpse to romance, they can’t help you. But if you just feel like killing a few minutes, go take a look. Hands off HungryBarbara though… she’s mine!

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