Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets?

Okay big-shot, so you think that your firearm skills are worthy of something better than a few flimsy paper targets? You need real, life-size, bleeding zombie targets? Well, first off… maybe what you actually need is a thorough psychological evaluation. But if you’ve been examined by mental health professionals and are still legally allowed to own a gun, may i suggest Zombie Industries new Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets:

Zombie Industries’ Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets are designed to help YOU prepare for the next Zombie outbreak that our World’s leaders, even to this very day, are keeping top-secret! Our Zombie targets are life-sized; three-dimensional tactical mannequins that “bleed” when you shoot them, using Zombie Industries’ Patent Pending proprietary technology.

Now, i’m trying to help you prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse here… but things are getting kinda’ weird. Because in addition to bleeding Nazi and “Terrorist” targets, Zombie Industries also provides “The Ex” (read: ex-girlfriend,) targets made exclusively for mutilation, an exploding rifle target called ZOMBOOM! and Girls Booty Shorts (with multiple product images provided, of course!)

Anyway, if you really want one of these things and don’t mind being listed on an FBI watch-list, just swing by Zombie Industries’ offical website and order yourself one today!

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