Zombie Practice Targets!

Alright, now that you’ve got your weapon of choice and official Z-Max zombie ammunition… it’s time for a little target practice! Zombie Ammo has teamed up with Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. to offer a variety of full color zombie targets to help you hone your skills:

Be prepared for the attack! Keep your skills sharp with our realistic zombie targets! Targets are printed on paper and are 23″x35″, making them the perfect size for close quarters pistol and shotgun shooting, or long range rifle practice!

The Zombie Ammo Classic line features a zombie Santa Claus, clowns, Nazis… even a zombiefied Osama Bin Laden! But don’t forget that zombies have a tendency to actually attack people. So you’ll need to be ready to shoot the undead before they have a chance to take a bite out of your loved ones. And the Zombie Ammo Assault Targets are perfect for practicing your accuracy and precision.

When the zombie apocalypse comes you don’t want to let your family down simply because you’re a bad shot, do you? Practice firearm safety; be prepared, be deadly!

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    Thanks a lot! I’m really glad you enjoy the blog!

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