George Washington: Zombie Hunter!

Since the end of our annual zombie movie marathon i’ve voted in an election, served on a jury, and watched about sixty-three different presidential debates. So, in keeping with this patriotic theme, i present George Washington: Zombie Hunter:

George Washington was known for many things…Being a great general, Having wooden dentures (Okay they weren’t really wooden, Cutting down the cherry tree, and being nicknamed the Destroyer of Villages. But what many don’t know is he was an avid Zombie Hunter, this is a print of one of his many adventures out into the night to give some Liberty and Justice to all.

Created by artist Jason Heuser, you can purchase this amazing print online via Etsy. And if George Washington isn’t among your favorite presidents (what’s the matter with you?) you may be interested in another piece from the series… maybe Thomas Jefferson Battling A Gorilla or Andrew Jackson: Alien Slayer, perhaps?

These signed, limited edition prints are available in both 11×17 and 24×36 sizes. They cost between $25 and $80, and would be a perfect gift for any patriotic, zombie-loving fan.

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