Jury Duty!

Okay, so anybody wanna’ guess where i’ve been all month? Well, if you actually read the title of this post then you’ve probably already got a pretty good idea. But for those of you who didn’t care enough to notice… i’m on jury duty. Hooray!

Sorry, gang. It wasn’t my intention to take such a long break after this year’s marathon, i swear! But when my country calls on me to participate in the world’s greatest justice system… Well, i claim that i’m a racist who can’t possibly be trusted to deliver a fair verdict. But when that lie doesn’t work, i take up my civic duty proudly and forsake all this zombie stuff for awhile. It shouldn’t be too much longer though, i promise!

I can’t wait to update Zombie-Thon with all the latest zombie news for you guys. And i want to thank everyone for sticking with us, especially all of our new subscribers! Once this thing is over, we’ll get back into the swing of things right away.

See ya’ soon!

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