Zombie-Thon: October 2011 Recap!

Alright… Zombie-Thon: October 2011 has come to an end. So let’s take a look back, and see what we’ve got:

Total Number Of Movies Watched: 24
In addition to all the movies, we watched episodes of these zombie-related television series: The Walking Dead, Death Valley and Food Networks’ Halloween Wars: Zombies Vs. Vampires featuring special guest-judge Rob Zombie!

Total Number Of Movies With Dead In The Title: 10
Total Number Of Movies With Zombie In The Title: 8
Special mention to Zombie Undead for managing to squeeze both words into a single title. Talk about being straight-forward… there’s no question what you’re in for with that movie!

Approximate Time Spent Watching Zombie Movies: 2,140 Minutes
Yes, i did research all the running times and that’s about thirty-six hours of zombie films! The longest was Apocalypse Of The Dead, while the shortest was Rammbock… interestingly enough they were both foreign films.

Number Of Sequels: 5
Number Of Zomedys: 6
Number Of Shaky-Cam Movies: 2
I’m surprised by the relatively low number of shaky-cam films this year. It seems like the zomedy is pulling into the lead for most common sub-genre! Granted, most of these movies have been out for years… so take our conclusions with a grain of salt.

Best Movie: Zombieland
Okay, obviously we’ve got to exempt Night Of The Living Dead. But i really think Zombieland is going to become one of those must-see classics of the genre. Hopefully there’s plenty of room at the top for two zomedies, because i’m not sure i could choose between Zombieland and Shaun Of The Dead!

Worst Film: Ninjas Vs. Zombies
I thought Colin was a shoo-in for this “honor”… until i saw Ninjas Vs. Zombies. This is the sort of movie that makes me stop and question why i do this to myself every year. It’s definitely going into the Hall Of Shame right alongside Automaton Transfusion.

Concurrent Marathon: Dark Shadows
You didn’t think that we only watched zombie movies all month, did you? Obviously the hockey season is in full-swing right now. But besides that, Dark Shadows proved to be one addictive little soap opera! And clocking-in at just about twenty minutes per episode, it’s extremely easy to watch a number of them in a single sitting.

Thanks again to all of you for making Zombie-Thon: October 2011 a lot of fun. And welcome to all the new subscribers who’ve joined us this year!

We’re gonna’ take a short break… afterall, we deserve it. But in the meantime, please help yourselves to the archives! Take a look around the blog, read our reviews and check out previous marathons. Zombie-Thon will be back in no time with all-new book and video game reviews, movie trailers and information on a wide variety of upcoming zombie films. See you soon!

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