Zombies: A Living History

We’ve watched and reviewed a number of fake zombie documentaries over the years, but this may actually be our first legitimate zombie documentary! Zombies: A Living History is a History Channel original that explores all aspects of the zombie mythos; from the earliest cultural legends to modern-day tales of the living dead.

The film wonderfully combines stock footage, “reenactments” and interviews with a number of famous authors, historians and experts. And for about the first hour it is incredibly interesting and informative! However the documentary stumbles a bit when it goes looking for some sort of modern zombie allegory in events such as Hurricane Katrina, the attacks of September 11th or the Global War on Terror.

Zombies: A Living History recovers quickly though by taking a scientific look at possible causes for zombie-ism before finally discussing a few real-life survival tactics that could eventually help the human race survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Best Scene: It’s hard to pick a scene from what’s basically a clip show. But one original segment featured a weapons expert comparing the best firearms for use against a zombie.

Worst Scene: It seemed sort of tasteless to show actual scenes from Hurricane Katrina before cutting to a bunch of actors dressed as bloody zombies.

What’s Happening!!: I believe the History Channel will be showing reruns of this documentary all month leading up to Halloween. If you’d like to see it, be sure to check your local listings!

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