Dead & Buried

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, but no… i haven’t run out of “real” zombie movies! I’ve just kinda’ been pushing the limits lately, that’s all. And i swear it’s almost over, so don’t worry! Besides, Dead & Buried isn’t too far off the mark. It’s basically just a modern twist on the traditional voodoo zombie.

And when i say “twist,” i do mean twist. So if you haven’t already seen it, this is one film that i won’t spoil for you. Despite its run-time it feels like an old episode of Tales From The Darkside. So it probably doesn’t hold up very well after multiple viewings anyway.

But even if you were expecting flesh-eating zombies… Dead & Buried probably won’t disappoint. There’s quite a few gory scenes, and overall it’s just a great little creepshow.

Best Scene: There’s a great time-lapse shot of the mortician practicing his art as he reconstructs the face of a mutilated girl.

Worst Scene: I’m not sure how all of the zombies bought flowers and organized an impromptu funeral on such short notice.

Something-D-O-O Economics: It’s kinda’ funny how Romero’s version of the zombie has completely overshadowed the original voodoo zombie that had been featured in films and literature for years before Night Of The Living Dead.

Dead & Buried [Blu-ray]
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1 Response to Dead & Buried

  1. Mysterious town. Dreadful secrets. Creepy all along.

    Couldn’t have got a better deal for my money. And yeah, the poster is pretty cool and scary.

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