And so my string of questionable zombie movies continues. Although, i think this totally counts… it’s just a little unorthodox. Grace is really more of a psychological horror film than a straightforward zombie movie. But either way, it creates an amazingly creepy atmosphere and provides a very unsettling experience!

Basically a group of lesbian cultists posing as midwives bring zombie babies into the world by feeding their evil vegan cookies to expecting mothers. Okay, that’s not really the plot. But it’s actually pretty close.

Honestly though, the film purposefully creates a sense of uncertainty about what’s really happening. Is the mother actually nursing a flesh-craving zombie? Or has she simply gone mad over the loss of her baby? And while we are eventually provided with answers, i think the best part of the film was its ambiguity and unnerving tone.

Best Scene: Watching a desperate mother try to fill a baby bottle with the blood of a dying man was pretty chilling.

Worst Scene: Sometimes the little rubber baby just looked horribly fake and kinda’ ruined the scene.

Source Code: Every once in awhile it feels like the filmmakers decided tack on epilogue after the fact. Sometimes it’s to tie up loose ends, set-up a sequel or provide a happy ending. But this time it just felt totally unnecessary. I’ll have to watch the special features sometime and see if there’s a good explanation for it.

Grace [Blu-ray]
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