Alright, sometimes i’ve gotta’ push the envelope. Occasionally there’s a film that is just sorta’ nominally a zombie movie. And that’s the case with Slither… i’ll admit that. But i need to test the boundaries once in awhile. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you may want to steer clear for the next couple of reviews… because i’m venturing outside the box here, people!

Okay, let me try to justify this; zombie-ism or zombie-itis or whatever is basically a disease or bacteria passed from victim to victim, right? So just imagine that the microorganisms causing the infection aren’t so micro… instead they’re like, the size of giant slugs. And they’re also from outer-space. BOOM! This review has just been officially vindicated!

Wait a minute, did i basically just give away the plot? Well anyway, an alien life-form hitches a ride to Earth on a meteorite and infects a small rural community with its zombie-like offspring. Eventually the entire town is either breeding or cannibalizing each other. Sounds like a zombie movie, right?

Best Scene: The sheriff and his local deputies find the first “breeder” inside a barn deep in the woods. She’s about the size of a hot-air balloon and ready to pop; “Somethin’s wrong with me!

Worst Scene: Have you ever seen the original Nightmare On Elm Street where Nancy is sleeping in her bathtub, all relaxed and unsuspecting, when Freddy comes for her? Slither may have actually ripped that off shot for shot.

Here Kitty, Kitty: So maybe you’ve seen Slither, but did you stay after the credits? We may be in for an Alien 3 situation; half sharkalligator alien, half zombie, half cat.

Slither (Widescreen Edition)
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