Ah… sweet, sweet Zombieland. It’s like a yummy desert after being forced to eat your vegetables. Or a cool pillow after a long, hot day. I’ve actually been saving this one until i truly needed it. And boy, did i ever need it after those last two movies!

Zombieland is not just one of the best zomedys out there, it’s one of the best zombie movies period. Woody Harrelson is perfectly cast, Emma Stone is smoking hot and a surprise cameo by Bill Murray is absolutely hilarious. In fact, the film probably owes much of its appeal to the actors’ on-screen chemistry. Sure, the idea of heading to an amusement park in the midst of a zombie apocalypse is amusing… but the real entertainment comes from a seriously funny script and the characters themselves.

Best Scene: While watching Ghostbusters, Columbus just seemed so genuinely excited that he was sharing a new experience with Little Rock that it cracks me up every time! “Oh this is so exciting, you’re about to learn who ya’ gonna’ call…

Worst Scene: At the amusement park Columbus is chased through a Haunted House. It wasn’t a horrible scene really, but such a promising location just felt wasted.

Richter Scale: In completely unrelated news, i just sat through my second earthquake today. If there’s anything that movies have taught me it’s that you don’t want to be caught in a major city during an earthquake or the zombie apocalypse!

Zombieland [Blu-ray]
Available at Amazon.com

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2 Responses to Zombieland

  1. Liz Schulte says:

    I love Zombieland. It is one of my favorites (I love Shaun of the Dead too). I always watch Zombieland while I am running on the treadmill. Rule number 1 is motivation!

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