Ninjas Vs. Zombies

Yeah, i know this is pretty late to post a review. But it actually took me two separate attempts to watch Ninjas Vs. Zombies. You see, nearly every aspect of this movie was so horrible that i simply wasn’t prepared. And after about an hour i just had to turn it off and walk away.

But upon starting the film a second time (from the beginning, mind you. There’s no cheating here at Zombie-Thon!) i eventually just became numb to the whole thing. Sure, i may have finally made it through the movie… but i died a little inside. And i don’t think i’ll ever really be the same.

Best Scene: There were some chicks in their underwear at some point. Oh, and the title card looked kinda’ cool.

Worst Scene: In preparation for a zombie fight, some guy duct-tapes dishes and kitchenware to himself as armor… then makes a Borg reference.

Fertilizer Salesman: I’m not sure why this film hurt me so much. I’ve definitely seen worse, but i may have found my own personal Manos.

Ninjas Vs. Zombies

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