If you think a film shot from the perspective of a zombie sounds like an interesting concept, you might just change your mind after watching Colin. With practically no dialogue, plot or budget… this movie feels much, much longer than its ninety-seven minute run time.

Basically the main character simply wanders around being a zombie. So there isn’t much to say about the film itself. But i vaguely recall the production garnering some publicity due to its extremely small budget, which was reportedly between £40 and £100. Personally i find that number hard to believe, but if you’ve ever wanted to see a perfect example of an ambitious no-budget zombie film… this is it.

Best Scene: They plunged Colin’s head underwater to calm and subdue him, and the scene actually worked very well.

Worst Scene: A pair of hoodlums decide to run out of their apartment building to steal the old, grubby shoes off a zombie. Why exactly?

The DVD Player Ate My Homework: At one point my copy of the movie started to freeze up, and i was secretly hoping that it would stop all together. Then i would have had the perfect excuse to stop watching Colin.

Colin [Two Disc Special Edition]

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