Land Of The Dead

Land Of The Dead is a pretty competently directed movie, which is saying a lot considering George A. Romero is basically a hack these days. I know that’s harsh, and it breaks my heart to say it… but someone has to. At least this time around Romero attempts to put his disdain for human nature on the back-burner and instead focus his attention on the literal evolution of the zombie masses. Albeit with mixed results.

The story revolves around the theft of Dead Reckoning, a heavily armed vehicle built to protect the sanctuary city of Fiddler’s Green. Romero provides his usual heavy-handed commentary on the human condition, class war, social justice and what-have-you. But when it comes to the film’s only fresh idea, there’s simply no real logic behind it. Why are zombies suddenly learning now? When did they develop the ability to communicate? Are there any limits to their evolution?

If Romero had actually explored these concepts, it might have made for a great film! But instead we got Megaweapon and Asia Argento Beyond Thunderdome.

Best Scene: One zombie appears to be decapitated, but he manages to fling his chomping head towards his victim like a scorpion!

Worst Scene: At one point John Leguizamo says “I’m gonna do a Jihad on his ass.” And it was so laughably ridiculous that all i could think about was the “jihad story” from Team America: World Police.

Career Minded: I think people really enjoy seeing “character zombies” like a cheerleader or clown zombie. And i bet you could probably trace that phenomenom right back to the original Dawn Of The Dead.

Land of the Dead (Unrated Director’s Cut) [Blu-ray]

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