Dance Of The Dead

Dance Of The Dead was so obviously aimed at teenagers that i almost felt stupid watching it. But hey… i grew up on Saved By The Bell and thought My So-Called Life was like, totally deep, man. So i’m pretty sure that i’ve still got both the juvenile sense of humor and the appropriate amount of teenage angst left to properly review this one for you!

And actually, it was a pretty fun little zomedy… even if it did rely on every single zombie and teenage cliché along the way. Prom night? Check. Puppy love? Check. Zombie Hordes? Check.

There were a few surprises though: Apparently punk rock can calm and subdue zombies. (The power of the riff compels me!) The undead can express sexual attraction by eating each other. And filmmakers can still put prayer in a film without being protested or sued by the ACLU!

Best Scene: Zombies would literally fly out of their graves and land running. I wouldn’t be surprised if a big-budget film eventually steals that effect because it looked pretty sweet!

Worst Scene: The high-school punk band was thrown out of prom tryouts for playing punk rock, and managed to keep zombies at bay for five hours by playing punk rock. But when they finally get to the zombie prom they play… a cheezy love song?

But Your Kids Are Gonna’ Love It: The aforementioned band tryout scene was straight outta’ Back To The Future… minus the great music and likeable characters.

Dance of the Dead

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