Apocalypse Of The Dead

Alright, get this… Apocalypse Of The Dead is a Serbian movie, filmed in English, starring American actor Ken Foree as international Interpol agent Mortimer Reyes. And if that isn’t enough to confuse most viewers, it’s also known under a number of different titles including Zone Of The Dead and 2012: Apocalypse of the Dead. So i guess the production itself was just as much of a mishmash as the film’s plot!

While investigating a murder scene a police officer scratches himself on a bone fragment. The resulting infection spreads quickly and eventually kills him, then turns him into a zombie. Meanwhile, a military mishap releases a toxic gas which also turns people into zombies. Finally, we’ve got a crazy man who apparently just escaped from some sort of a prison run by nuns. And he claims that this is the end of the world, which is why people are turning into zombies.

So there you go. Apocalypse Of The Dead gives you at least three explanations for the rise of the zombies… take your pick!

Best Scene: Someone unloads a 12-gauge directly into a zombie’s head and it bursts into flames! Technically i think a SFX went wrong or something, but it looked awesome.

Worst Scene: Lady-cop dropped her laptop during a brief zombie skirmish. But when it’s time to skedaddle she hesitates to pick it up, as if it would put her in horrible danger… even though it was literally two feet away!

The Mighty, Fallen, Etc.: How did a Serbian production talk Ken Foree into starring in their dinky little zombie movie? Let alone get him to make a series of wink-wink, nudge-nudge references to his role in Dawn Of The Dead?

2012: Apocolypse of the Dead

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