Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Extinction continues the series’ deliberate slide from horror towards a more action-oriented franchise. But this time around it seems to work much better. There are still occasional nods to the original video game series, but the third film seems intent on finally establishing the movies as their own, distinct entity… for better or worse.

With the Umbrella Corporation driven underground and the T-virus completely out of control, the world has been left a barren wasteland. Milla Jovovich and her merry band of survivors decide to head north to Alaska in search of a new life. But on the way they make a quick stop-over in Las Vegas for supplies, and things get ugly.

Extinction has evil birds, psionic powers, super zombies and hundreds of naked Milla clones… what more could you want? There’s even an appearance from the Tyrant, which should please fans of the video games. Overall, it’s a pretty fun movie… even if the zombies themselves have become almost completely irrelevant at this point.

Best Scene: It’s the cage-match of the century; Milla Jovovich vs. zombie dogs! She’s so hardcore that at one point she actually punches one of them right in its mother-effin’ face!

Worst Scene: At one point Umbrella drops a cargo container chock-full of a seemingly endless number of super zombies. Around here we refer to it as the “Zombie Clown Car.”

Wax Statue: Why does Milla sometimes look like her face is made of plastic?

Resident Evil: Extinction [Blu-ray]

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2 Responses to Resident Evil: Extinction

  1. Liz Schulte says:

    I like the Resident Evils. The first one is still my favorite, but Alice totally kicks ass.

    • rudeonline says:

      Yeah, the first one is probably my favorite too. I think it’s because everyone is trapped in that creepy underground facility. A sense of claustrophobia just seems to go perfectly with any good horror film… especially zombie movies!

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