Bloodlust Zombies

Apparently Alexis Texas is a really famous porn star, which explains why she ends up naked in almost every one of her scenes. It might also explain why Bloodlust Zombies looks like a cheap porno movie… i mean, what i imagine a cheap porno movie would look like. If i were ever to watch one, of course. Which i totally wouldn’t.

Anyway! There’s nothing new here; just another generic laboratory performing secret zombie experiments. Well, technically they’re working on a chemical weapon. And they do manage to create a zombie cat! But after that it’s the usual boring stuff.

Best Scene: A gung-ho secretary berates a rent-a-cop, constantly pressuring him to leave his secure office and charge out into the fray. Instead he shoves her out the door and settles back into his comfy chair!

Worst Scene: Two character are having a really heated argument until their elevator arrives. But once they get on they silently ride to their floor while listening to a muzak version of The Lady From Ipanema. Of course, once they exit the elevator they pick up right where they left off. Totally predictable and lame.

37 Dicks: I’m pretty sure they were just ripping off Clerks when the security guard repeatedly exclaimed “I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!” I bet you read “37 Dicks” and totally thought i was going somewhere else with that, huh?

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