Undead Or Alive

If you’ve ever heard someone say “It’s actually a fun movie if you just don’t think about it too much” they’re probably talking about something like Undead Or Alive. Well, that or Transformers. But at least this stupid little movie has something going for it; i’m pretty sure it’s the first zombie-western-comedy mash-up!

See, apparently Geronimo placed a curse on white people before he died… probably after a hard day of selling souvenirs and autographed pictures of himself at a state fair or something. But anyway, the curse eventually turns the Old West into a zombie nightmare. Actually it’s more like a wacky zombie funhouse. But either way, it’s up to “funnyman” Chris Kattan to save the day.

Best Scene: I enjoyed watching Navi Rawat’s character get attacked by a zombie with a spoon sticking out of his brain.

Worst Scene: I’m sure missionaries didn’t generally travel west to murder Indian families and take home a “pet savage.”

Comedians Of Zomedy: Brian Posehn was pretty entertaining for once… because he didn’t try to tell any jokes! Oh, snap! I’m just kidding Posehn fans. At least it wasn’t Patton Oswalt, amirite?

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