Zombie Undead

Would you spend the zombie apocalypse looking for your family in a hospital overrun by the undead? That’s usually ground zero for the infected. Granted, in this case the virus is the result of a terrorist attack. But everyone still ends up at the hospital eventually, right?

Well, that’s where everyone spends most their of time in Zombie Undead; wandering around a hospital. They’re actually attempting to escape via the basement (huh?) But you can probably imagine how that goes.

Anyway, the movie itself is definitely an amateur production. But occasionally there are glimpses of a great film in there, and it actually looks pretty good at times… especially the cinematography. So kudos to the filmmakers!

Best Scene: One of the main characters is randomly shot even after managing to escape from the zombie-infested hospital. It’s just so completely unexpected that i was totally caught off-guard!

Worst Scene: Just once can’t someone be hiding in the first bathroom stall that gets checked? What a lazy attempt to build tension.

Oh! You Pretty Things: If you ever find yourself in a group of survivors, chances are they won’t all be sexy underwear models. So it was kinda’ refreshing to see a hero that looks like Chris Christie for once… even if he wasn’t the best actor.

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