The Zombie Diaries

Oh goodie, another shaky-cam zombie movie! Actually, this one isn’t too bad. Just imagine a cross between the pseudo-cinéma vérité style of Blair Witch and the nonlinear narrative of Pulp Fiction. Add a few zombies, seriously lower your expectations and… BAM! You’ve got The Zombie Diaries.

The movie is presented as a collection of video diaries; each presenting a different perspective of London’s zombie apocalypse and the ensuing aftermath. Eventually all of the characters and stories converge at an isolated farmhouse before things really take a dark turn. As if zombies weren’t enough, apparently the end of the world is like a happy, little amusement park for sadists as well.

Best Scene: As cliché as it was, the first camcorder glimpse of a blurry, barely visible zombie was surprisingly effective.

Worst Scene: Child murder is not cool. I mean, it was played out like a mercy killing which is common in zombie movies. But this little girl wasn’t a zombie, she wasn’t even infected… she was just grazed by a bullet or something. Horrible.

Doublemint Gum: If your story is going to jump around in time, don’t hire actresses who all look the same. I thought one actress was simultaneously a news reporter, a zombie, a hostage and a mute survivor. And I’m still not entirely sure that I’m wrong about any of those.

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