House Of The Dead 2

I don’t really know exactly what House Of The Dead 2 has to do with the original film. I think that one of the zombies from the first movie was captured and brought to Sid Haig for secret experiments or something. But whatever tenuous connection there may be, it isn’t long before there’s a full-blown zombie outbreak and stupid little things like plot don’t really matter!

Anyway, this time around we’ve got an elite Special Forces team to fend off the undead. It’s their mission to obtain a blood sample from “patient zero” in hopes of creating a cure. In the meantime people kill zombies and zombies eat people. Sure, it’s the usual fare… but at least it’s better than the first movie!

Best Scene: Apparently the Special Forces team of U.S. Marines enjoy using a picture of Paris Hilton for target practice!

Worst Scene: Running down a football field while taking out zombies along the way just looked incredibly lame. Was that a scene straight out of the video game or something?

BACDAFUCUP: Hey everybody, it’s Sticky Fingaz! Thanks to that little role, i’m actually listening to Onyx for the first time since like, 1993. SLAM! Dun, dun, duh, dun, dun, duh… make noise, be boys!

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