Warnings And Whatnot: 2011

Zombie-Thon: October 2011 is almost upon us! And while it’s been fun updating the blog with news, reviews and events over the past year… this is what it’s really all about; our month-long zombie movie marathon! But before we get started i need to post a few obligatory warnings and whatnot.

First off, zombie movies are, by their very nature, pretty gruesome. And while we try to post only the official movie trailers from these films, sometimes they contain scenes of a graphic nature. You’ve been warned.

Second, we occasionally give away plot points during our reviews. However, since most of the films are cult classics, and have been widely available for many years… we don’t think this should be too much of a problem.

And finally, while i’m not really sure there’s such a thing as a family-friendly zombie blog, we generally try to maintain a sort of PG-13 atmosphere around here. But during the marathon things might get a little ugly. After all, sometimes these movies don’t play fair (i’m looking at you Automaton Transfusion!) So for the next month consider us “unrated.”

Well, that’s about it for the warnings and whatnot. I’ll have more about the marathon itself later this week, including a few changes and exciting new additions and features. So be sure to check in again this Saturday when Zombie-Thon: October 2011 officially kicks off!

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