Operation Raccoon City: Alternate Reality Website.

How do you ruin one of the best survival horror franchises of all time? By turning it into just another online, team-based, multiplayer shooter of course! Okay, maybe i’m just a little upset that i can’t participate in the newly launched ARG for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. But seriously… why go through all the trouble of creating an awesome new website for the sinister Umbrella Corporation if everything just links to Facebook and Twitter?

Well anyway, if you feel like pretending that you’re part of some super-secret underground hacker group known as Inserted Evil maybe you can help gather evidence, unlock clues, win valuable prizes and, uh… oh yeah, take down Umbrella. Just stop by the newly unveiled website and let the adventure begin!

I’m sure you’ll all have lots of fun… dang kids, with your iPods and your cellphones and your hula-hoops. Get off my lawn!

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