Dead Island: Free Digital Comic!

Dead Island gets its official release this week, and thousands of video game fans can finally experience the bloody horror of… the beautiful Palms Resort hotel? Well, that doesn’t sound too bad. I must be missing something.

Thankfully Marvel Comics has teamed up with video game developer Deep Silver to provide a free digital comic that will fill in the gaps and reveal all of the horrific events leading up to the zombie outbreak:

The comic introduces journalist Roger Howard, who has traveled to Banoi to investigate the illegal exploitation of the island’s resources. During his investigations in the Royal Palms Resort hotel he discovers a terrible surprise that no one could ever expect…

Oh no, someone is illegally exploiting natural resources! It must be that damned Ndipaya tribe again. Does their evil horticulture know no bounds?

Anyway, if the adventures of a daring investigative journalist sound like something you might enjoy… you can read the entire digital comic online for free right here. And while you’re surfing the web, be sure to stop by the official Dead Island website for all sorts of info including news, videos and exclusive downloads!

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2 Responses to Dead Island: Free Digital Comic!

  1. Lord Laney says:

    Got Dead Island on the way. Cant wait!

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