Amazon Associates Update.

Since moving to WordPress nearly a year ago, Zombie-Thon has been a proud partner of by way of the Amazon Associates Program. By linking directly to the products we reviewed, visitors could support Zombie-Thon simply by making their purchases via the blog. We certainly didn’t make a lot of money this way, but the (very) small amount that we did earn was used to support the site and purchase new zombie movies and products for review. Unfortunately that partnership may soon come to an end… let me explain.

Without getting too political; California legislators and Governor Brown are attempting to close a $10 billion deficit by finding new sources of revenue. One of those sources are online purchases, such as those made on, which would be subject to state sales taxes. This new law would even include sales that were simply referred by California-based marketing affiliates… like Zombie-Thon.

In the meantime Amazon has terminated all California-based participants in the Amazon Associates Program, and that includes us. Sure it sucks, but we can’t really blame Amazon. After all, this new law doesn’t just upset bloggers… it may actually be unconstitutional, force local affiliates out of business and cost the state nearly 25,000 jobs! But hey, at least California will finally have a totally balanced budget… right?

In the end, it’s unfortunate that California has chosen this particular path in an attempt to solve their fiscal woes. But we wish to thank all of you who have supported Zombie-Thon over the last year via the Amazon Associates Program. We continue to look forward to promoting exciting new and upcoming projects, providing you with all the latest zombie-related news, and fostering a community of fans who enjoy watching, reading, discussing, debating and devouring all things zombie!

Thanks for your support!

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