Zombies! An Illustrated History Of The Undead

Wednesday is always “new comic book day” at my local comic book store, and i was actually on my way to the cash register when i suddenly caught a glimpse of Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead.

Usually i don’t pay attention to the upper shelf, which is full of new books and trade paperbacks, but with an awesome cover by Charlie Adlard and a title literally dripping in blood… this one caught my eye!

Zombies! is packed with full color pictures from classic movie posters to video game screenshots. And at almost 200 pages, it would be a great coffee table book except for the softcover binding. But that’s a small price to pay for, well… such a small price! Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead retails at just $17.99 (even cheaper on Amazon, of course) and includes a forward from none other than George A. Romero himself!

Providing more of a brief overview, rather than a comprehensive study of the genre, Zombies! touches on everything from the earliest accounts of William Seabrook to the latest zombie video games and comics. It’s a great primer for those new to the scene, but occasionally pushes the boundaries to include tenuous pop culture references such as Jason Voorhees or The Misfits.

However Zombies! contains some amazing photos and illustrations, it’s generally well written and contains a great overview of the modern zombie phenomenon. So, if that sounds like something that might interest you… be sure to check it out. I’d definitely recommend it!

Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead
Available At Amazon.com

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