Slash Is Producing A Zombie Movie!

Slash Header

Holy smokes, did you see that horrible Super Bowl halftime show? I don’t know why the heck Slash agreed to be a part of that nonsense! Hopefully he was just so focused on his upcoming zombie film that he wasn’t thinking clearly.

Oh yeah… apparently Slash has his own production company now, and it’s called Slasher Films. Isn’t that clever!

We have four really great scripts we’re going to go into production with one right after another…

The last one is The Other Kingdom, which is about a big metropolitan hospital where the patients are overcome by an epidemic that turns them into these savage killing zombie types and the staff gets stuck in there with them.

The entire interview with Entertainment Weekly is posted on his official website. But before you get too excited about Slasher Films… it’s worth noting that Slash seems to think that “sophisticated, dramatic horror movies” died out during the 1980s. You know, as compared to the uncreative and gory movies we have today.

Maybe we’re just not thinking of the same 1980s, when movie studios churned out cheap, crappy rip-offs of Halloween and Friday The 13th for ten straight years?

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