Dead Heat

I’d never even heard of Dead Heat, so thanks to aLeXiS for putting this little gem on my radar! I’m actually surprised that it’s not considered a zombie classic. I mean, it stars Treat Williams, Joe Piscopo, Vincent Price… there’s even short cameos from Robert Picardo and Linnea Quigley. So where the heck has this movie been all my life?

Well, apparently it got stuck back in the 80s. Because this movie just feels like some lost television pilot that should have aired between The A-Team and Cagney & Lacey. Actually, it’s a little more cheezy than that… so like Night Court meets Simon & Simon. But, ya’ know… with zombies.

Williams and Piscopo play buddy cops who investigate a pharmaceutical company for creating zombies who rob jewelry stores. Seriously, i swear that’s how the movie starts! Anyway, the bust goes bad and Williams dies. Of course his partner brings him back to life, and they proceed to hunt down the evil mastermind behind the scheme.

Best Scene: Some dude who looks like Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China brings everything in a butcher shop back to life as he makes his escape. We’re talking chicken heads, cow livers… even a pig carcass! Good times.

Worst Scene: The angry police chief bawling the guys out in his office was just so painfully cliché.

Oh, Joe: You’ll always be Sinatra to me… “You are blind as a bat and i have sight!

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1 Response to Dead Heat

  1. aLeXiS says:

    Haha I think the Lo Pan looking guy was Keye Luke from the Kung Fu series, adding yet another rad cameo.

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