I must have watched Quarantine just a little too soon after seeing [Rec]. Because, unfortunately all i could do while watching it was compare the two.

I’m not as vehemently opposed to remakes as i used to be. I actually try to be more open to the idea, especially when it comes to foreign language movies. But Quarantine walks the line between faithful adaptation and completely unnecessary remake.

Except for a few scenes here and there, it’s pretty much the same movie. Although it seems like the shots are a little more thought out… in terms of blocking, lighting and whatnot. But, when dealing with the shaky-cam genre i’m not really sure that’s a good thing. It feels a little more slick which, in turn, makes it feel a little more fake.

Best Scene: This time around i really enjoyed the mad dash to the top floor apartment more than before. There were zombies at nearly every turn, and it kinda’ felt like an old haunted house or something.

Worst Scene: The fat old woman in her bloody nightie is always sort of gross.

Make It Generic: The original film used the mutated infection as a possible scientific explanation for demonic possession, and that was a very exciting and original concept. So why on Earth would they change the cause of infection to something so generic as human rabies or whatever?

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