Zombie Women Of Satan

Hey kids, do you like bloody, half-naked zombie chicks? Well, if you do Zombie Women Of Satan has you covered! This low budget mess throws everything in the mix and hopes for the best. There’s burlesque performers, clowns, an evil scientist and even a dwarf. I’m not sure what more you could possibly want. I mean, other than a decent movie of course.

In a film called Zombie Women Of Satan… it’s not really surprising that the plot is secondary to the spectacle. But basically the movie follows some sort of popular underground burlesque show. However when they travel to a weird, sex-cult compound for an interview the troupe finds themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Best Scene: I thought it was pretty funny when one of the main characters is accidentally killed by chainsaw. You’ve gotta’ be careful around those things!

Worst Scene: There’s seriously about twenty minutes of a dwarf taking a dump in the woods.

Proud Parents: I always wonder if the girls in these movies tell their parents.

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