I Sell The Dead

I Sell the Dead is a quirky little film that came in under the radar earlier this year. Equal parts Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt, there’s a comic-book like quality to the comedy… figuratively and literally.

The story basically follows the misadventures of two graverobbers who specialize in the undead. They come across vampires, space aliens and rival body snatchers during their travels. But they ultimately meet their match when confronted by zombies!

Starring Ron Perlman and the hobbit from LOST, it’s a lighthearted horror film that manages to mix comedy and fantasy pretty well. And because of the significant role zombies play at the end of the film, i imagine we’ll be seeing even more of them in the upcoming sequel.

Best Scene: The first time the graverobbers come across the undead was a great little comedy bit, and really reminded me of The Evil Dead.

Worst Scene: I thought the bit with the buried space alien was great, but the prop looked so ridiculous that i’m pretty sure they bought it at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall.

Proper Punctuation: Although it’s not a big deal, i’m not sure where or during what period this movie is supposed to occur. It’s kind of an 18th to early 20th century Victorian-ish Ireland or something.

I Sell the Dead [Blu-ray]
Available at Amazon.com

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