28 Weeks Later

For some reason i’ve always been under the impression that 28 Weeks Later just wasn’t a very good movie. Maybe it’s simply because it was a sequel, or because Danny Boyle didn’t return as director… i don’t know. But i was pleasantly surprised by how much i actually enjoyed it.

The plot picks up… well, 28 weeks after the Rage Virus first broke out all across London. American troops have helped quell the madness, and life is slowly returning to normal in a small quarantined area known as District One.

Of course all hell breaks loose eventually. But get this… it’s not because any zombies actually managed to breach the security. Instead, it’s due to a woman who is immune to the virus. Too bad her husband isn’t.

I liked the idea that zombies aren’t some sort of endless plague on humanity. That they have physical limits, that they will die, that the military is actually capable of dealing with such a threat, that there’s a plan in place and that “Code Red” exists… no matter how repugnant it may be.

So many zombie movies either deal with the initial outbreak or fast-forward to some post-apocalyptic world where society has completely collapsed. So, in that respect 28 Weeks Later really provides a fresh take on the genre… especially for a sequel.

Best Scene: There’s some intense gore as a zombie’s head explodes all over a window. It was like standing indoors as someone launched a water balloon full of blood at your window.

Worst Scene: An underground parking garage scene suffered from poorly lit, shaky-cam syndrome. If it’s done well it can provide tension, but if it’s done wrong it looks like this scene.

NIN: I could have sworn that they were using some instrumental Nine Inch Nails track during this movie. I would even have bet cash money on it! But I tried looking it up on IMDB and Wikipedia… and no luck. I can’t be the only one, though. It totally sounds like something off The Downward Spiral or The Fragile.

28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray]
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