La Horde

The Horde is a French zombie movie that’s heavy on the gore and violence, but light on plot and logic. The film takes place almost entirely in an abandoned tenement building where some sort of convoluted, unauthorized police raid goes wrong as Paris is overrun by zombies.

While most survivors of a zombie apocalypse would attempt to take shelter somewhere safe, the characters in this film are actually trying to escape to the outside world… although i’m not really sure why. The building is unstable and there’s some talk of running to a military base or something. But it’s obvious that there are thousands of zombies waiting right outside of the building!

Ya’ know, when bombs are lighting up the sky and the entire city has become a warzone… i think waiting it out in a building would be the best course of action. But instead the police and criminals join together as they make their desperate escape.

Best Scene: One cop makes his last stand on the roof of a car as thousands of zombies reach up for him. It really looks amazing… kinda’ like a huge, bloody crowd at a rock and roll concert.

Worst Scene: There’s some sort of subplot involving an affair between the police officers and faked pregnancy or something. It wasn’t clear what what going on, and it really just slows down the film.

Say What: The English subtitles were pretty horrible on my version of the film. The funniest translation came after the zombies first attack and everyone barely escapes to the roof. One of the criminals is totally scared out of his mind and starts screaming while the subtitle simply says “How unfortunate“… Ha!

The Horde
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