Dead Air

Genre vet Bill Moseley plays a radio DJ who is trapped only blocks away from the site of a terrorist attack. Unfortunately this attack is only part of a larger plan to unleashed a horrible virus on the entire country that will result in a wave of violent, infected zombies.

I actually came across this movie because of another pseudo-zombie film centered around a radio DJ called Ponytpool. While both deal with an infection, Dead Air is a much more straightforward film. Although i have to admit that i’m surprised to see the release of the virus portrayed as a terrorist attack.

At times it might simply come off as a clumsy attempt to make the film more current or relevant. But when dealing with a weaponized virus, the usual zombie movie cliché is to place the blame on an evil corporation or shadowy military organization. And while Dead Air actually veers toward that direction at one point, the plot is generally a fresh take on both the zombie and disaster genres.

Best Scene: I enjoyed watching Moseley develop his character during the early scenes that take place at the radio station.

Worst Scene: I’m not sure that hiding in a wide open, walk-in closet will safely see you and your children through the zombie apocalypse.

Babs: Dead Air stars Patricia Tallman, who also played Barbara in Tom Savini’s remake of Night Of The Living Dead. Not to mention roles in many Star Trek series and Army Of Darkness.

Dead Air
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2 Responses to Dead Air

  1. pwntalive says:

    i will take a look

  2. rudeonline says:

    I’d also recommend Pontypool, it’s got a very original premise: the understanding of language as the infection. The movie stumbles over the concept a bit, but it’s still pretty good.

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