Wow… the last ten minutes of this film may have been the scariest thing i’ve seen in the last ten years!

[Rec] is another one of those nauseating shaky-cam movies from Spain. But despite the cliché faux-documentary camerawork, it’s surprisingly effective at creating a frantic and horrifyingly claustrophobic experience.

Presented as the unedited footage of a TV news crew, [REC] tells the story of a small group of people who are forcibly quarantined inside an apartment building. Chaos ensues as the captives quickly fall victim… first to a mysterious virus, then to each other. Eventually the final survivors discover the terrifying truth behind the outbreak.

Best Scene: I’m still haunted by the final few minutes of this film. I seriously lay in bed sometimes and just think of how eerie the ending really was!

Worst Scene: The shaky-cam quickly becomes tiresome. But it’s almost unbearable anytime the cameraman is running.

The Jackpot: With a Hollywood remake, and three planned sequels… the filmmakers behind [REC] already have a major film franchise on their hands.

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One Response to [REC]

  1. rudeonline says:

    Ha! I just noticed that the still image in the video clip says “sanity agents entered the building…”

    I think they meant “sanitation agent” which probably refers to the health inspector. But “sanity agents” is pretty funny. And they probably could have used a few to keep everyone from freakin’ out.

    Either way the subtitles on the actual DVD are much better.

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