IDW Announces Infestation!

What if zombies found their way aboard The USS Enterprise? Would James T. Kirk be any match for the living dead? Do you think Peter Venkman or Optimus Prime would fare any better?

Well, soon you’ll have the chance to find out! IDW Publishing has announced Infestation, a new comic book cross-over event beginning early next year:

A first in comic book history, IDW Publishing is proud to announce INFESTATION! Starting in January 2011, INFESTATION will infect STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS, TRANFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics with zombies, zombies, and more zombies.

To further commemorate this “decade in the making” event, IDW will be releasing special incentive patches with every issue. Each embroidered, sew-on patch will feature “infected” logos of the four titles.

The entire event will make its presence felt on the cover of the January Previews catalog, showcasing a special INFESTATION “quadrtych” image of Snake Eyes, Mr. Spock, OPTIMUS PRIME, and Dr. Peter Venkman under attack from a zombie by LOCKE & KEY artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

Sounds like this will be an epic comic event. So get down to the local comic book store and reserve your copies of Infestation right away!

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