Awaken The Dead

Alright… so an assassin’s daughter, a Jehovah’s Witness and a priest walk into a zombie safehouse. Sounds like a bad joke, right? Unfortunately that’s just the beginning of Awaken the Dead.

We’re basically treated to the old, cliché zombie plot, where survivors hold up in a house until eventually fleeing for safety. There’s a subplot explaining the relationship between a few of the characters, and linking the zombie outbreak to a military bioweapon. But all of that takes a backseat to the horrible video effects featured throughout the entire movie.

Awaken The Dead looks like cheap, digital video completely desaturated of all color and passed through a cheezy, grain filter. At times the effect is so overwhelming that it’s like watching the movie through a pair of night-vision goggles.

While the story may have a few redeeming moments, it’s impossible to recommend this movie due to the poor acting and distracting visual effects. The excessive runtime for such a low-budget film doesn’t help much either.

Best Scene: At one point the priest allows the situation to get the best of him, exposing his dark past.

Worst Scene: There is no reason for one character to sacrifice himself, which makes that particular scene feel forced and very fake.

Half-Assed Assassin: Shouldn’t a top government assassin have enough hand-to-hand combat training that he could defend himself from a few mindless zombies?

Awaken the Dead
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