Although it’s actually a very popular cult film in Britain, Psychomania often finds itself just outside the peripheral of most zombie movie fans. Most likely that’s due to the fact that these aren’t your typical mindless, flesh-eating zombies.

Instead, members of a violent motorcycle gang called The Living Dead simply return to life after committing suicide. There’s some form of black magic involved, but really the only requirement seems to be that they must believe that they will return.

Psychomania is such a product of it’s time, and so very British, that while watching the film i couldn’t help but think of Mick Jagger’s brief flirtation with the occult. It’s still a fun little film, but may not please some of the more hardcore zombie fanatics out there.

Best Scene: The opening scenes of the motorcycle gang driving through what looks like Stonehenge are fantastic and very atmospheric.

Worst Scene: I’m not sure why breaking a deal with the Devil would turn an old woman into a toad, but there you go.

Hippie Bikers: Every time The Living Dead sat in a field and sang a folk song or weaved flowers into a wreath… it was hard to picture them as a violent motorcycle gang.

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