Bay Area Zombie Theater!

I just wanted to quickly mention two Bay Area productions for those of you looking for some zombie theater this Halloween season.

The first is Shocktoberfest!! 2010: Kiss Of Blood. Presented by the Thrillpeddlers, who have been carrying on the Grand Guignol tradition in San Francisco for more than 15 years:

The program features 3 One-Act plays, including the Grand Guignol classic KISS OF BLOOD, as well as LIPS OF THE DAMNED and THE EMPRESS OF COLMA, two original plays in the Grand Guignol tradition.

The bill culminates with Thrillpeddlers’ famed black-out spook show finale when ghostly apparitions materialize before the audience’s startled eyes. The Hypnodrome’s “Shock Box” seats provide pairs of patrons with privacy and an added jolt of “lights-out thrills.”

The second is Zombie Town, which is currently running through October at the Stage Werx Theatre. Their official website has all the info:

Last year, the town of Harwood, Texas was forever changed when it was overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies. This summer, it was again overrun by unwanted invaders when the Catharsis Theatre Collective came to town.

Like any good documentary play, Zombie Town: A Documentary Play tells the story of a community in crisis to help them heal through the power of theatre. It’s just that this particular crisis was a pretty awesome zombie attack.

For more information including show times, ticket prices and directions visit Stage Werx Theatre for Zombie Town, and Thrillpeddlers for Shocktoberfest!! 2010: Kiss Of Blood.

If there are any additional Bay Area events that you would like to promote here on Zombie-Thon, just let me know… i’m easily bought off with free passes!

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