Zombie 5: Killing Birds

Did you know that Zombie 5 was actually released one year before Zombie 4? Yeah, that’s because it’s actually just a random horror movie called Killing Birds. Some sneaky distributors knew that they could slap the Zombie label on any old thing and gullible suckers like me would run out and buy it!

Okay, i’m not really that gullible… i actually knew exactly what i was in for, because Zombie 5 is sort of infamous among zombie movie fans. So it’s best to just think of the entire series as some kind of loose anthology or something.

Anyway, Killing Birds follows the boring adventures of a few Louisianian ornithology students as they trek around in the woods studying birds. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, eventually they take refuge in an abandoned house where undead ghosts begin to attack them.

Robert Vaughn plays a minor role, and it’s actually his character’s story that drives the film. But really, Killing Birds is just an excuse to throw a few monsters at helpless teenagers. And if it weren’t for the misleading title… Zombie 5 might have been remembered as something more than a disappointment.

Best Scene: The opening scenes of a soldier returning from Vietnam, only to find his wife in bed with another man, leads to some of the films more interesting moments.

Worst Scene: A kid runs back into the haunted, murder-house to grab his ancient laptop for some reason.

Picture This: It’s odd for a film so heavy on gore and special effects to allow the ending to happen off-screen. Was it really an artistic decision, or did they just run out of time and money?

Zombie 5 – Killing Birds
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