Return Of The Living Dead: Rave To The Grave

So just a few years after the events of Necropolis, the kids find a way to turn everyone’s favorite weaponized zombie gas into an awesome new drug… and just in time for a Halloween rave!

Oh, but you know what? It’ll totally turn you into a zombie. What a bummer, right? Oh well… that doesn’t stop those crazy Romanian kids! Before you know it the huge rave turns into a zombie feast, and it’s up to a couple hilarious INTERPOL agents to save the day.

No, seriously… that’s the plot. I swear!

Despite the fact that Rave To The Grave was filmed at the same time as Necropolis, it manages to be just slightly more entertaining somehow. I mean, it’s still pretty horrible… don’t get me wrong. But you can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all. Maybe that’s why it feels a little like a return to the original Return Of The Living Dead movies of the 80s.

Best Scene: Okay it’s not a great scene, but i love seeing hippies get attacked by zombies, and vegetarians screaming for brains.

Worst Scene: The Trioxin zombie is trying to thumb a ride along the side of the highway, and he’s holding a sign that reads: RAVE OR BUST. But the R and S are backwards, because… ya’ know, he’s a zombie and can’t spell very well.

Prize Inside: Despite their constant cry for brains, most of the zombies only ever get a mouthful of scalp and hair. No wonder they’re so hungry all the time.

Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave
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