Pittsburgh Zombie Fest October 10th!

Apparently this year’s annual Zombiefest will not be held at the Monroeville Mall. Instead, the local late night horror program It’s Alive is hosting a zombie walk at the newly renovated Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. The event is free, open to all ages and begins at noon!

Why the change in venue? Well, according to this article in The Globe you can blame it on everything from upset business owners to overcrowding. But if you read this blog on a regular basis, you might know why those explanations don’t exactly ring true.

Later that same month the infamous Monroeville Mall is scheduled to host Zom-B-Rama; a zombie carnival and costume pageant featuring zombie games, prizes and celebrity guests! The event will be hosted by Ken Foree, star of Dawn Of The Dead, and kicks off at 10am on October 23rd.

Is Zom-B-Rama moving in on Zombiefest‘s territory? Is there bad blood between the event organizers? Is it all a big misunderstanding? If any of you kids live in the Pittsburgh area and have any info… let me know!

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3 Responses to Pittsburgh Zombie Fest October 10th!

  1. Jenn Madison says:

    I found this article that says the mall didnt like the way it was run lst year


    • rudeonline says:

      Thanks for sharing that article!

      Sounds like the fest was a bust last year, and there was a split between the event organizers. Still no real mention of Zom-B-Rama though. I wonder if it’s purposefully a smaller event… sorta’ under the radar or something due to the overcrowding caused by the zombie walk and world record attempts.

      Anyway, thanks again for the info!

  2. Jenn Madison says:

    The mall was pretty much trashed last year. Before that it was early in the morning and done by noon so kind of tame maybe people thought it was boring but they still showde up. Market sq has rules like no spitting haha. The carnival on the 23rd is being done by one of the mall stores, the one iwth the zombie museum in it. Maybe they figure a tenant will do less damage.


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