Dead Rising Mobile And Theme Packs Announced

There’s been a couple exciting announcements regarding Dead Rising since the game’s release last week.

First up is news for the iPhone and iPod crowd; Dead Rising Mobile! Based on the first game in the series, this mobile version promises a new story and some interesting social networking options. For example, if you die during your game… you’ll actually have the chance to send out a call for help via Facebook or Twitter! Look for it sometime around Christmas.

The second bit of info is for those of you currently playing Dead Rising 2. Capcom has announced four new DLC Theme Packs that will include special new skills and weapons. You’ve got your choice of dressing Chuck like a Psychopath, Sports Fanatic or Ninja… among other things. Capcom has all the info on their blog:

In the next few weeks, you guys will get a chance to dress up Chuck as either an insane Psychopath, a sleek ninja, a crazy sports fanatic or a kick-ass soldier. Each theme pack will be available to download via the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE to enhance your Dead Rising 2 experience. What’s more, you can even mix and match the packs they have downloaded – select the Ninja shoes, Sports Fan hat, Psycho jacket and Soldier of Fortune trousers – to get all the abilities each pack offers and create the ultimate Chuck.

Dead Rising 2
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