Return Of The Living Dead: Necropolis

Return Of The Living Dead: Necropolis just isn’t a very good movie. It never really attempts to stay true to the previous films, at least in spirit. Instead we’re left with a pretty generic little monster movie filmed on the cheap somewhere in the Eastern Bloc.

Surprisingly, the plot kind of picks up where Return Of The Living Dead 3 left off. Except this time the military has apparently decided to go with the whole “zombie exoskeleton” thing. So, in order to continue their experiments, they begin doing the usual stuff. Ya’ know… sneaking into Chernobyl, buying Trioxin from Russian gangsters and stealing teenagers from local hospitals.

But this time they kidnapped the wrong kid! His friends quickly pile into the Mystery Machine, solve the mystery of the zombies and expose Old Man Coruthers! Well, something like that anyway.

Best Scene: No way! They got actual tanks for this movie? The Romanian government must be really hard up for some cash.

Worst Scene: Oh no, mom and dad were turned into zombies… or assimilated by the Borg. One or the other.

Twofer: In the grand tradition of films like Lord Of The Rings and Back To The Future, Necropolis and its sequel were actually filmed at the same time. Isn’t that just great… i can’t wait.

Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis
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