Return Of The Living Dead 3

Return Of The Living Dead 3 was the last time the series ever made it to the theaters. It’s also the first film to veer away from the comedic elements that defined the series. Instead, we’ve got something of a traditional 90s teen horror film.

Actually, this movie feels more like something from the 80s for some reason. It would probably fit in pretty well with some of the Nightmare On Elm Street sequels. But that’s not exactly a compliment. Of course, back in the day i remember actually enjoying those films. And i still enjoy Return Of The Living Dead 3 today.

When it comes to Trioxin, the military just never seems to learn their lesson. But this time their experiments are subverted by a meddling teenager who just wants to bring his poor girlfriend back from the dead. When you’re dealing with zombie gas, though… things always go wrong.

Best Scene: I always though the sexy, little goth chick was pretty hot after she went all S&M zombie. It’s probably why i was so into Fairuza Balk when The Craft came out a few years later.

Worst Scene: The zombie exoskeleton looked pretty lame at one point. You’ll have to watch the movie, but you’ll see what i mean. It basically looks like the actor just stuck his head through a wall for the special effect.

Zom-B-Que: Even if i knew that i’d eventually turn into a zombie, the last thing i would ever do is lock myself in a furnace. Burning alive is so far down on my list of ways to die, that going zombie would be totally preferable.

Return of the Living Dead 3
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