Grave Mistake

Wow, this was absolutely horrible. No kidding, guys… Grave Mistake was really, really bad. If someone ever tries to hand you a free copy of this movie, just back away from it slowly. Actually, ya’ know what… scratch that, turn and run as fast as you can!

I’m pretty sure it was shot on an old camcorder that someone borrowed from their aunt or something. I have no idea how so many people were talked into appearing in this thing. But, judging by the horrible acting and bland scenery… i’m guessing it’s full of locals who had nothing else to do with their weekend.

I’m not entirely certain, but i think the zombie outbreak in this film was caused by a redneck dumping windshield cleaner on a grave. So that should probably tell you just about everything you need to know, really.

Best Scene: Some of the make-up effects weren’t half bad, i guess.

Worst Scene: Out of nowhere there are scenes of like… a clown swinging yo-yos around, some dude with a feather mask playing with a glass ball and a couple guys sword fighting. It might have been a Renaissance Faire or something, but there were only about four people and a tent.

Buyer Beware: I’ve actually noticed that Grave Mistake has at least three separate DVD releases, including a few compilations. So take a close look at those zombie collections out there, and make sure you don’t even buy it by mistake!

Grave Mistake
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2 Responses to Grave Mistake

  1. pwntalive says:

    Looks like someones been hitting up the Troma SFX booth at comic con

    • rudeonline says:

      They mixed make-up effects with digital effects, and it usually looked horrible. Although, when they used the effect to white out some of the zombies’ eyes… it wasn’t too bad.

      But yeah, half of the effects look like they were purchased at The Spirit Store.

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