Zombie 4: After Death

I actually had high hopes for this one. I mean, it opens right away with ancient catacombs, voodoo priests, dancing zombies and the gates to Hell itself! Hardly any exposition or anything, just… BAM! It really hits the ground running.

But that peters out quickly, and instead we find ourselves on a pleasure cruise with some Budweiser-drinking mercenaries and their girlfriends. They loose control of their boat and eventually find themselves on some creepy jungle island.

It takes a little while to figure out how this all fits together, but imagine a mix between the Dharma Initiative and… oh, i don’t know; The Serpent and the Rainbow or I Eat Your Skin. Something with voodoo zombies in it.

Best Scene: Like i said, the opening scene is pretty awesome. Although the voodoo priest sorta’ reminded me of James Earl Jones in Exorcist II.

Worst Scene: Two of our heroes are battling their way through a horde of island zombies when everything kinda’ just fades to black. The movie slowly fades back in the next morning, and… we find them simply waking up under a tree! What the heck just happened there? How did they get away? Why would they just fall asleep in the jungle? Pretty weak.

Double Vision: I guess in the land of zombies, the two-eyed zombie is king. Because, really… the special effects guys apparently loved covering up everyone’s eye with latex.

Zombie 4 – After Death
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