Last Of The Living

Last Of The Living is little zom-com from New Zealand. It’s pretty low-budget, and nothing special really… but there are a few moments worth watching.

I sorta’ like the idea of picking up a story after the zombie uprising. There’s no real explanations or exposition. Instead, we simply find ourselves watching three slackers who spend their time roaming from one home to the next, playing video games.

Of course that wouldn’t make for a very exciting zombie movie, so they just had to complicate things. And what better way than to throw a girl into the mix! Actually, she’s not just any girl… she’s also some sort of scientist. And not just any scientist, either… but one with a potential cure!

It’s all pretty ludicrous, so you’ll just have to gloss over most of the plot. And when you finally make it to the end of the film, there’s really no real closure to the whole ordeal. But there is a pretty rockin’ music video instead. So that’s something.

Best Scene: They actually managed to pull of a few great moments at the beginning of the film where the entire city looked deserted. Then again, it was filmed in New Zealand.

Worst Scene: This movie actually has more than just a few fart jokes, which are usually pretty lame. But the worst is some ADR that makes a zombie girl appear as if she’s saying “Brains!” before letting one rip.

Zombies In The Family: If you’re going to put someone’s little brother in a scene as a zombie, you should probably hide ’em in the back somewhere. Ya’ know… as opposed to sticking them up front where they’ll grin like an idiot the entire time.

Last of the Living
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