Night Of The Living Dead (1990)

Back in the late 80s George Romero began work on a remake of his classic zombie masterpiece Night Of The Living Dead. The idea was partly due to the original film’s botched copyright status.

See, when Night Of The Living Dead mistakenly entered the public domain nearly everyone involved in the production lost their rights to the film and the financial opportunities that it’s cult status offered.

So around 1990 Romero rounded up a number of the original crew, and recruited special effects wizard Tom Savini to direct. The result is a completely average film.

Neither great nor horrible, the new version never really strives to be anything more than a simple, straight-forward remake. It does take a few liberties with the script. But generally, Savini stays true to the original film.

One notable exception is Barbara, who becomes a much stronger character than previously portrayed. Hell, towards the end of the film she’s practically Rambo! And as ridiculous as that sounds, it actually works pretty well.

However, i do believe that a few of the changes, especially those made to the ending, cause the film to lose some of it’s dramatic punch. Of course, that’s compared to the original 1968 classic… which would be unfair to any zombie film!

In the end though, Savini’s version of Night Of The Living Dead stands pretty well on it’s own.

Best Scene: I like the fact that Barbara not only realizes that she can just walk past most of the zombies, but that she doesn’t even have to waste ammo on them.

Worst Scene: There’s a laughable special effect when Johnny is attacked in the cemetery. Basically it looks like they just dressed a rubber dummy in his clothes, and threw it into a headstone.

Not So Subtle: When Barbara goes from catatonic damsel to zombie-slaughtering Superwoman we’re treated to a painfully obvious scene of her changing from her dress into men’s pants.

Night of the Living Dead
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